Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Parlor of Horror

This week as halloween grows near, we will be turning our palor into the Parlor of Horror with the showing of horror movies all week long starting at 5pm. FREE POPCORN!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pictures from KiddieLand Closing Ceremonies

Attached is the link of pictures from the closing ceremonies and the history of Kiddieland.

Our closing ceremonies on October 4, 2009 were both happy and sad for all of us who attended. It was good to see generations of families at the park enjoying the opportunity to have one last ride on their favorite Kiddieland ride and then for the winning bidders to ride the last ride ever on specific rides. As we went from ride to ride, first telling the crowds when the ride was purcahsed and installed, we shared in the memories of hundreds of guests. We hired a professional photographer to come out and take photos of every guest in their seat prior to the last ride. After the ride was over we posed with every guest who wanted to to have additional photos taken. While many guests purchased photos from the photographers on that day, many others did not and have asked about getting them now. The photographer has created an electronic album where guests can view all the photos taken and then if they desire to, purchase them directly from the photographer. Guests can follow the link below to their website to view the photos.

Sorry that some of our picture are not showing up and that others are a little Fuzzy. I am working on getting new and better quality photos.

Grandpa Fritz's first Pony TrackThe year was 1929, "the year of the Great Depression," and Arthur E. Fritz (Grandpa Fritz), like many other Americans, found himself in financial trouble. A builder/contractor by trade, Grandpa Fritz was unable to collect payment for his work. He managed to pay all of his creditors and with the little money he had left, he purchased six ponies and offered rides to children. Grandpa felt that in spite of hard times, parents still would try to save a few dimes for a little family entertainment. His pony rides soon proved to be a popular attraction that allowed parents to forget their troubles temporarily while they watched their children smile and have a little fun.
Although this was before the era of "kiddielands", Fritz thought about expanding his operation. Upon learning that a local newspaper was giving away gasoline-powered miniature cars to children as subscription premiums, he noted the names and addresses of the individual winners and soon followed up with offers to purchase the miniature cars. These became an additional attraction, along with the increasingly popular "Pony Rides".By the mid 1930's Fritz had given his little park a name - KIDDIELAND . This

Founder: Art Fritz in his Gasoline Powered Train that was painted to match the Chicago and Northwestern Linewas the first use of the name "KIDDIELAND ." However, his attempt to register the trademark failed, and the name eventually was used generically in reference to the type of park he envisioned - an amusement park with rides, geared primarily toward children by the nature of their size, speed and action. Fritz set standards of operating a safe, friendly, good-valued amusement park with standards of cleanliness and safety that continue to this day. Art Fritz has been credited with "launching a whole new development in the outdoor amusement industry." By 1940, Fritz had added the "German Carousel", two Miniature Steam Locomotives, the "Little Auto Ride", the "Roto Whip" and the "Ferris Wheel". The latter two rides are KIDDIELAND's oldest original rides coming to the park in 1938 and 1940!
The 1940's brought the era of "World War II" and as one might expect, delayed further growth and development at KIDDIELAND until the post war years. Still, as Grandpa Fritz believed, parents and grandparents always found a way to bring the children out to the Park to make some memories and escape their problems for the day.

The Little DipperBy 1950, Fritz once again was expanding his dream of the perfect place for families to bring their children to smile and have fun. Seven "kiddie rides", the "Merry-Go-Round", a hand-carved wooden carousel that still greets Guests as they enter the park and "The Little Dipper", a small wooden roller coaster, had been added to the park along with several maintenance/storage buildings. By this time Fritz's daughters and their spouses (our second generation) were well involved in the operation of the park and the growth and development of the park continued throughout the 1950's. Some existing rides were replaced with others.
In 1962, the original "Pony Ring" was removed and the "Scooters" were installed in its place, along with significant additional expansion to the

Kiddieland's Firetruck brings a child's Birthday Party to the Parkpark. By the late 1960's, several "thrill" rides were purchased to appeal to older children and teenagers. KIDDIELAND was beginning its evolution into the "family park" that it is today. At this time KIDDIELAND was operating with about 20 rides and attractions. In 1967 our founder Arthur E. Fritz,
The PolypGrandpa Fritz, died unexpectedly before he saw the "Polyp", the last ride he purchased, installed and operating at KIDDIELAND . Grandma Fritz (Anne) and our second generation continued to operate the park for the next ten years. Some of Fritz's grandchildren (our third generation) were involved in the park's operation by this time.
In 1977, KIDDIELAND was purchased by three of Fritz's grandchildren and their spouses (our third generation). Two of these families and their children (our fourth generation) are the Park's current owner/operators.

The Mushroom Ride The late 70's marked a change in the vision of KIDDIELAND 's future. The growth and development was in the direction of "Fun for the Entire Family." Additions in 1978 and 1979 included a game building and the "Mushroom Ride."

The Race-A-BoutsEarly in the 1980's, park growth and development continued with the addition of the ever popular "Race-A-Bouts",a gasoline powered antique auto ride that intertwined with the north loop of our train tracks and encompassed two small ponds. The original game building added in 1978 was replaced with a larger more accessible building, and the "Volcano Playcenter"
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The Volcano Playcenterwas designed and built. This area was a play area designed to help enhance a child's gross motor skills with net climbs, a ball crawl, tube slides along with a kid powered "Raft Ride". These elements were built into and around a

The Hand Carsscaled down realistic replica of a volcano and also included one of the most remembered and mentioned KIDDIELAND ride, the "Hand Cars".
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The GalleonOur last major addition to the park in the 1980's was the "Galleon" a high swinging brightly lit pirate ship that was installed in 1986. Late in 1987, Anne Fritz (Grandma Fritz), the wife of KIDDIELAND 's founder, died.
The 1990's found the owner/operators of KIDDIELAND thinking "bigger and wetter"! Late summer of 1992 marked the premier of the single most
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The Log Jammerambitious project KIDDIELAND had ever undertaken. The "Log Jammer" , a log flume water ride designed and geared toward total family use and enjoyment, finds our Guests riding in large log boats on a fast paced winding river of water until they reach a lift that carries the log boats 35 feet above the racing waters. The logs then fall into a short elevated trough of water, which carries them to a peak before plunging them screaming down into a large pool of water, creating a giant splash before coasting around back to the station building. The station was recreated from a "post & beam" building that Art Fritz had dismantled and moved down to KIDDIELAND from northern Wisconsin. In Spring of 1995 some reshuffling was done to accommodate our Guests' wishes to have a bigger, better place to eat in the park. The "Sky Fighter" and the "Umbrella Ride" were relocated to the area previously used by our miniature gasoline powered Tractors in order to make room for a new Food
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Food Court & Pizza StandCourt. At the same time other renovations included rebuilding the old Popcorn Stand into an all new Pizza Stand, rebuilding the old front game building so that it now houses our Water Race Game & Can Alley Games along with our Guest Services booth. The entire parking lot was repaved and all new parking lot lights were installed on the perimeter rather than down the center of the parking lots. The spring of 1995 found the entire crew at KIDDIELAND surfing into summer on our most recent addition to our list of rides and attraction,
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The Pipeline"The Pipeline". The Pipeline is a water coaster ride that takes Guests on a river of water, in a small life raft, through a large black tube that plunges them down almost 40 feet in total darkness, through twists & turns, dips & drops until they burst out of the tube onto a spray of water. The motions and feel of the Pipeline are truly that of a roller coaster! This ride, like all of our latest additions, can be enjoyed by the entire family.
The "New Millennium" found KIDDIELAND reaching for the sky with the
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The Dip 'N Dropaddition of the Dip 'N Drop, Our latest addition sits at the entrance of our. Volcano Playcenter. This fun-filled family ride seats our Guests back-to-back and lifts them skyward and gives them a "crows nest's" view of the surrounding rides. The ride takes you through a series of ups and downs and gives you a weightless feeling as your seat drops out from beneath you. Guest squeal with delight as they are bounced up and down. In 2008 we are planning on the addition of two rides. Our Kiddie Swing ride will be at the entrance to the Volcano Playcenter next to the Dip 'N Drop.
2009, Today, finds KIDDIELAND at the begining of its 81st season as a family owned and operated amusement park. It has over 30 rides and attractions and is Chicagoland's oldest family amusement park. "We are about Family, because we are Family". The Park has the reputation of being one of the finest traditional parks in the country. It is with great pride that at the start of its eighty-first year in 2009, KIDDIELAND continues to provide affordable memorable family fun, in a clean, safe, happy environment.
We at KIDDIELAND remain ever greatful for the opportunity to serve our Guests who have proven to be both loyal and supportive of our philosophy. It is our sincere hope that we can extend our lease and continue on for an additional period of time.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Board Game Night - 7PM

Tonight enjoy some fun with our board gammers. It all starts at 7pm.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kiddieland Memories

-- Back Again To Kiddieland --
Kiddieland, it's more than an amusement park, it's a link to your past and a path for the next generation to walk down. For you, it's a memory that takes you back to simpler days, when cotton candy was all it took to make problems melt away. You entered an enchanted land, made just for you.
At Kiddieland, Dad let you have that extra ice cream cone and it was suddenly okay to go running and squealing as loud as you could, chasing your sibling around the picnic table. You smiled and waved at Mom from the top of the Ferris wheel and then you fell asleep in the car on the drive home. Dad carried you into the house, tucked you into bed and you remember that day and couldn't wait to go back again...
Back again to Kiddieland, part of the fabric of Chicagoland. It's a summertime tradition, an icon to every child. It's as much a part of the landscape as Wrigley Field and Bozo The Clown.
And so the torch has been passed and now you're the parent, with little ones of your own. You'll see them rediscover all the wonder of their first kiddie ride and the magic that is still Kiddieland. Just like when you were a child, Kiddieland is the reward of having finished all their chores, it's what makes their birthday parties special. Win or lose, it's the fun treat after their big game.
Kiddieland is a treasure chest of family memories that your children will cherish and pass on to their children and their friends, or even your grandchildren, Kiddieland brings out the kid in all of us.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Join us tonight for some board gaming.

Monday, October 5, 2009


"The Inner Light"

An unsophisticated alien probe assumes a relative position, holding steady with the U.S.S. Enterprise, and releases a nucleonic particle stream that penetrates the ship's shields. Focusing solely on Picard, the beam knocks him unconscious. When he wakes up, Picard finds himself in unfamiliar surroundings, being cared for by an attractive woman. The woman, Eline, tells him his name is "Kamin," and he is her husband of three years. She also tells him that he has been sick and must be experiencing a memory loss. Picard soon learns that he lives on the planet Kataan, where he works as a simple iron weaver. His confusion is compounded when he notices that Eline wears an exact replica of the alien probe as jewelry. She tells Picard he gave her the necklace as a gift.
On the Enterprise, the crew is unable to revive Picard. Realizing the particle emission that has attached itself to him may control his life, they are afraid to destroy the beam. Only a few moments have passed, but on Kataan, it is already five years later, and Picard is settling into his life. He comes up with a solution to the drought that is destroying the planet, but his advanced ideas are laughed at by leaders of the primitive society. However, his life is not without its pleasures. Picard kisses Eline, an act that causes his pulse to rise back on the Enterprise. Worf insists they must destroy the beam since their Captain is under attack.
They do so, and Picard's pulse drops dramatically. On Kataan, where seven more years have passed, he falls to the floor. Acting quickly, the crew restores the beam. Back on Kataan, another 12 years have passed, and Picard has two children. The drought continues to worsen, and Picard's teenage daughter, Meribor, realizes their planet is doomed. At the same time, Geordi and Data are able to chart the probe's radiation to Kataan, a planet that was destroyed in a supernova explosion over a thousand years ago.
On Kataan, the years continue to fly by. Picard continues his quest to get something done about the drought, but his suggestions fall on deaf ears. Later, Eline dies, as does Picard's best friend Batai, and his first grandchild is born.
The elapsed time on the Enterprise is still only a few minutes. However, Dr. Crusher becomes alarmed when she realizes that Picard's metabolic rates match those of an 80-year-old man. In fact, Picard is actually 85 years old on Kataan, where the drought has almost completely destroyed the planet. His children and grandchild convince the unwilling old man to accompany them to a missile launching — an event they are all very excited about. Picard doesn't understand the point, knowing the missile will do nothing to save the planet or its people. However, as the missile takes off, his family, with the help of Eline's spirit, explain to Picard that they are launching a probe into the future to find a person who will bring them immortality by telling others about their planet after it is destroyed. Picard realizes the missile is actually the probe that brought him to Kataan over 30 years ago. As this happens, he wakes up aboard the Enterprise and is amazed to learn he has only been unconscious for 25 minutes, in which time he lived a third of a lifetime.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Events This Week


Monday 10/5 @7PM
Star Trek TNG: Showing the Inner Light

Tuesday 10/6 @7PM
Mommie Dearest

Wednesday 10/7 @7PM
Star Gate SG1 : The Tokra part 1&2

Thursday 10/8 @7PM
Board Game Night

Friday 10/9 @ 7PM
Monoploy Night

Saturday 10/10 @12NOON
The Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce presents Commerce Connects @ 12pm

Commerce Connect Event At the Parlor Saturday, October 10, 2009