Friday, September 26, 2008

Who Killed the Electric Car? THIS FRIDAY NIGHT Oct 3rd @7pm

What a night tonight was. We had a wonderful turnout for the Blues Brother's Movie. Next week we will be showing a documentry called "Who killed the Electric Car". It is about the corporate auto industry who back in the 1990's had the solution to not having to use gasoline to power your car. All you had to do was plug your car in and on one single charge get 150+ miles. Check out the movie this Friday, October 3rd right here at the parlor!


Anonymous said...

Anyone who takes seriously this movie must be in dire need of a brain transplant. Get a load of the goofy and hilariously stupid logic in the film, which paints a car judged one of the worst ever built as an undiscovered gem. The real problem with the EV-1 was that people discovered what it actually was - a totally impractical alternative that only the treeehuggers and others despertae to greenwash their image could love. I note that Tom Hanks, one of the film's stars, has paid over $90,000 to buy and convert a crappy little Scion to be an electric car - one that can't reach destinations and return as clsoe as 40 miles away. Way to go, Tom! Show us the way! And why doesn't the film mention anything about the other two electric cars that were killed during the same peirod. Why only GM? Why is Chris Paine lying thru his teeth?

Grammar said...

Well, anonymous, (COUGH, COUGH), if we would have had more electric cars for those short runs to the store , perhaps (HACK, HACK) we would have better air quality. Do you drive a vehicle with a "primitive" internal-combustion engine? (COUGH, COUGH) Or perhaps you use once-cheap diesel for your import? (AAACK!)

Quest Network Services said...

Unfortunatly this event has been canceled so no one will be able to "take this movie seriously". It is most unfortunate that their are some individuals that will go way out of there way to make sure this movie will not be seen to anyone even in such a small place as ours. Whoever you are out there, I hope you're happy!

Grammar said...

What is your problem, anonymous? Hope you're happy with being a "snitch"--you've probably been doing that since kindergarten, right?

Thanks to you, a movie I really wanted to see is now unavailable to me.

There are other words to describe you, but I am so tired of repeating myself to the likes of you! Go back in your HOLE! NOW!