Friday, January 9, 2009

FRIDAY - Video Game Night

Tonight's video game challange will be Regular Nintendo's ShadowGate. The one who can get beat the game first or get closest before time is up will win a pair of movie tickets. The challange starts at 7pm tonight!

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Bill Morton said...

I remember ShadowGate!

It was in 1989 for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The game is named for its setting, Castle Shadowgate, residence of the evil Warlock Lord.

The player, as the "last of a great line of hero-kings" (and identified in later games as Lord Jairen) is charged with the task of saving the world by defeating the Warlock Lord, who is attempting to summon up the demon Behemoth out of Hell.

The player must solve a series of puzzles throughout the castle in order to proceed to the Warlock Lord's chamber.

Due to the castle's perilous nature, at least one lit torch must be in the player's possession at all times; if the torch is extinguished, the player soon stumbles, breaking his neck, and he must then continue from the area in which they died.

Since there is only a finite number of torches to be found throughout the game, this effectively acts as a time limit to proceedings.

The game is notorious for its many opportunities of death, including being burned by a dragon's breath, attacked by a cyclops, sucked into outer space through a broken mirror, dissolved by acidic slime, mauled by a wolf-woman, eaten by sharks, and suicide.

In fact, virtually any action taken by the player which is not the correct solution to a puzzle will result in a fatality.

These deaths were often graphically described in the game's text (along with often sardonic and humorous comments), (regardless of Nintendo's policy of censorship at the time).