Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One Hole of a Mess in the Parlor Tonight at 10pm

Picture courtesy of: RP1000

Watch the inimitable Carol Marin's Investigative Report "ONE HOLE OF A MESS" TONIGHT AT 10 pm ON NBC5, Chicago here in our parlor. Where once stood the Adelphi Theater, at the corner of Clark Street and Estes Avenue in Rogers Park, is now a DANGEROUS HOLE, thanks to a number of very GREEDY people.

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Bill Morton said...

I appreciate the showing of "A Hole of a Mess" in the Parlor of Quest Network Services.

It is very important to not forget what happened to the Adelphi Theater, and to be aware of similar current situations that need our communities support and attention.

Turning a blind eye only leads to more blight, more corruption and more dangerous abandoned holes in the ground.

See: The former North Shore School (perfect condition - 1912) and the former Lerner building (now a trash dump area on Howard Street).

It has been over three years now that Alderman Joe Moore, his ZULAC group, members of the Rogers Park Builders group and members of DevCorp North decided to destroy our 1917 cinema treasure.

Alderman Joe Moore received several campaign contributions (See: Pay-Offs) from Chad Zuric, a developer with a long trail of foreclosures and unfinished projects.

Chad Zuric of Golden Hands Construction intended to erect an unfunded and unpopular condo project in the place of the Adelphi Theater, 7070-78 N. Clark Street.

The community at large opposed Chad Zuric's unrealistic condo project. I formed a not-for-profit organization, Citizens For The Adelphi Theater to raise awareness about and oppose its destruction.

The Citizens for the Adelphi Theater collected over 1,000 petition signatures and delivered them to Alderman Joe Moore to no avail.

In 34 meetings with Alderman Joe Moore, he always stated "If you want to save this theater you'll have to show me the money", and even handed us an empty white envelope to fill.

The Adelphi Theater was a beautiful, architecturally significant and structurally sound building that Rogers Park residents have supported and loved for about 80 years.

It's a crying shame that it was destroyed, and even worse that it was destroyed for campaign contributions that paid for Joe Moore's most recent re-election.

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