Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Join us for a fun filled adventure of Star Gate SG1. It all starts at 7pm tonight!
0103 - Emancipation

On the planet Simarka, the SG-1 team meets the Shavadai, a race of people similar to the ancient Mongols of Earth. These skilled horsemen and fierce warriors live by a strict code, which includes second-class status for women. Capt. Samantha Carter is threatened with death after her first encounter with the Shavadai chief, Mughal. She is spared only because she saved the life of his son, Abu.Carter faces peril again when she is kidnapped by Abu, who hopes to trade her for the hand of Nya, the daughter of Mughal's powerful enemy, Turghan. The deal goes sour and Carter ends up the unwilling property of the warrior chief. She is determined to escape but is hampered by pity for the lovelorn Nya and Abu.Carter arranges Nya's escape from Turghan's tyranny and is rescued from his clutches by Col. Jack O'Neill and the SG-1 team. Unfortunately, Carter's ordeal is not yet over; Turghan caught his daughter trying to elope and will stone her to death for her disloyalty unless Carter can defeat him in single combat.In the circle of battle, Carter must prove she is the equal of any man — or die trying. (-courtesy of

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