Wednesday, June 30, 2010

STARGATE SG1 Tonight at 8pm

Join us tonight as we will continue to view season 5. We will be showing episode 13 & 14 tonight.

Episode 13 - Proving Ground

At a secret training facility, a young group of cadets are put through their paces by a tough taskmaster: Colonel Jack O'Neill. Through several rigorous training scenarios we see how hard it is for these four young troops including Lt. Hailey (from last season's "Prodigy") and Lt. Elliot, the team leader, to qualify for assignment to off-world Stargate teams. Only the very best of the best make get a Stargate team assignment. But midway through a training exercise, the group is interrupted by news of a possible foothold situation at SGC. Knowing that many other troops may be compromised, O'Neill has no choice but to take his recruits into a very real battle at Stargate Command. The young team must now pull together and use all their skills to prove to the SGC and themselves that they

Episode 14 - 48 hours

An off-world mishap causes an SGC-bound wormhole to prematurely disengage, apparently trapping Teal’c on another planet. However, when an attempt is made to dial back out, the computers flag an “unidentified error”. It doesn’t take Carter long to discover the problem. Teal’c is not stranded off-world. He is trapped within the buffer of the gate itself. While Daniel is dispatched to Russia to secure their DHD, Carter works feverishly to save their comrade. But a complication arises in the form of Colonel Frank Simmons who informs the SGC that the government will not allow the gate to remain inactive indefinitely. He gives them a deadline – 48 hours. Ultimately, to save his friend, O’Neill must partner up with an old acquaintance and seek out answers from a remote and dangerous source.
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